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Photo by Thekla Ehling



Change is my constant, diversity and dynamic is my essence...


I have different professional focus: as a curator, artist, photographer, consultant on various topics about Georgia: country, culture, culinary and sustainable tourism. I work both artistically and applied. The topics of origin, emigration, young positions and women in photography and art are especially in my focus. 

If you want to know more about me, below you can find my short biography.

Teona Gogichaishvili is a native Georgian and has lived in Germany for 25 years. Following her studies in German language and literature at the universities of Freiburg and Cologne, she studied photography and design at the ecosign / Akademie für Gestaltung in Cologne, graduating as a photographic designer. Subsequently, she studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld under Prof Katharina Bosse and Prof Dr Anna Zika and graduated with a Master of Arts in photography and design. She received a fellowship from the DAAD for her Master’s dissertation.

Ms Gogichaishvili has been a photographer and lecturer at various universities and institutions since 2006, for example at the ALANUS / Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft Alfter, ECOSIGN / Akademie für Gestaltung Köln, Akademie Burg Fürsteneck, Fulda and so forth. 

Since 2011, Ms Gogichaishvili has been the co-organizer of the international photo festival KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

At the Remscheid Music and Art School, Ms. Gogichaishvili has headed the Department of Art since 2017. In 2018, Ms. Gogichaishvili was appointed as a member of the German Society of Photography (DGPh).


Exhibitions / Curatorial Projects

Within the framework of the KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO Festival from 2011 to 2020 / SELECTION


Finbarr O'Reilly : Dakar Fashion


Marc Riboud: The Compassionate Eye

Bénédicte Kurzen: Lake Tschad

Sarah Moon: Le Petit Chaperon Noir

Lela Ahmadzai: Four Women in Kabul

Nikos Pilos: Exodus

UNICEF: Photo of the Year

Jan Grarup: And Then There was Silence 


Other Projects



Georgian-German Culture Festival SUPRA




As a part of the Photoszene-Festival Cologne

Curatorial Team: Janine Koppelmann & Teona Gogichaishvili 

ARTRMX e.V. Cologne/DE


Portfolio Reviews

2021 Hamburg Portfolio Review (DE)

2021  Photoszene Köln  (DE)

2021 Visa pour I'image, Perpignan  (FR)

2020 Houston FotoFest (USA)

2016 - 2020  Voies Off Festival Arles (FR)

2012 - 2019 KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO Festival (GE)

Exhibitions / Curatorial Projects


Michael von Graffenried

Our Town, a Closer look at the United States today



Stephen Shames

Black Panther Party



Lara Micheli




How to be/see a Woman             

Along with Inga Schneider & Antonia Loick



Within the framework of the  Frankfurt Book Fair - Guest of Honour Georgia 2018  

• The future is ours: German and Georgian Positions on Youth Culture with: David Meskhi, Sera Dzneladze, Carmen Catuti, Isadora Tast, Sandra Stein, Nicole Wilke and Stephan Lucka, Fabian Weiß, Dina Oganova, Giorgi Nebieridze

Along with Inga Schneider

• Guram Tikanadse: The other Soviet man. Photographs 1950 - 1960

Along with Beso Khaindrava & Dr. Robert Bock






2019 fotoMAGAZIN

2016 Welt am Sonntag


2016 Stuttgarter Zeitung

2014 Photoessay

2013 KSTA, Kölnischer Rundschau

2012 Tabula Art, Focus

2011 Museumskatalog Hoffheim am Taunus

2009 Ausstellungskatalog von der FH Bielefeld

2007 Novum, Der Tagesspiegel

1994/2011 The new Georgian Paper, Tabula Art, Focus, Photo Video

My Works

For the details please see the section: ARTISTIC WORKS

Teaching Activities

Something personal about me

° What do I like to deal with: reading, daydreaming, endless research... 

° What interests me besides photography, art, film, music and literature: astronomy

° What else would I have liked to become: astronaut

° How to move: I have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for eight years 

° What I always miss: The eternal summer at my grandparents' house in Guria, in western Georgia 

° What am I doing secretly: writing

° Guilty pleasure: Some musical sins of the '80s and '90s and "Mon chéri"

° The love of my life: Luka and Shio

° What else matters: Friends who know how I am and still love me 

Anything else

° I love to communicate with people, to develop ideas together, to connect different cultures

° In my workshops, seminars and portfolio reviews I prefer to pick people up where they stand and support each individual to go their own way

° I'm especially interested in artistic and documentary photography. The topics of origin, emigration, young positions and women in photography and art are especially in my focus

° My artistic works are mostly conceptual, partly autobiographical, at the moment a mixture of text and image. I like to work with analogue technology and experiment with the alternative process

Photo by Luka Gogichaishvili, NYC 2023