Artistic Works

Selected Works

Why are you here?

A recent work


Why are you here?" is a multimedia project with text, image, audio and video layers, a work-in-progress.

It is about my roots, about my two homes. A story about searching and finding, failing and getting up again.


Participation with this and other project in the group exhibition "WEIBSBILDER" in OKKS in summer 2021

 Impressions from the exhibition

Pepperoni with Honey

An ongoing project


Thought as a book project, partly autobiographical. A mixture of text and image. A mixture of the two worlds, my two homes: Georgia and Germany. Formerly fifty-fifty, now more lifetime spent here. Where is my home? What determines my identity?

The journey to the origin of my memories...

Singularity                                                                                                                                                                                                               An ongoing project


Currently I am working on a project with the working title "Singularity - Behind the event horizon".  It is about our life on earth and the parallel in the universe. A kind of connection between these worlds, one within reach and the other not necessarily directly present in our everyday life. 





Let's talk about PMS


Sometimes it's not just dark outside.... 

Mood swings, cravings, and weight gain - the second half of the cycle is a real challenge for many women, and every month anew. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) gives them a wide variety of psychological and physical symptoms. 

The video is dedicated to the dark days of many women.


Kiss and tell Story


What you always wanted to know about sex, love, fake orgasms and more...                                                                                                Vol. 1

A special Georgian therapy method


ცივი წყალი დალიე და გულზე მოგეშვება - Drink cold water and lighten your heart                                                                                In the situations where you can not change anything is to use this method instead of getting angry;-) 

Something personal about me

° What do I like to deal with: reading, daydreaming, endless research... 

° What interests me besides photography, art, film, music and literature: astronomy

° What else would I have liked to become: astronaut

° How to move: I have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for seven years 

° What I always miss: The eternal summer at my grandparents' house in Guria, in western Georgia 

° What am I doing secretly: writing

° Guilty pleasure: Some musical sins of the '80s and '90s and "Mon chéri"

° The love of my life: Luka and Shio

° What else matters: Friends who know how I am and still love me 

Anything else

° I love to communicate with people, to develop ideas together, to connect different cultures

° In my workshops, seminars and portfolio reviews I prefer to pick people up where they stand and support each individual to go their own way

° I'm especially interested in artistic and documentary photography. The topics of origin, emigration, young positions and women in photography and art are especially in my focus

° My artistic works are mostly conceptual, partly autobiographical, at the moment a mixture of text and image. I like to work with analogue technology and experiment with the alternative process

Self portrait, 2020
Self portrait, 2020